Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Four Days & FO's!

Four days till DISNEY!
& Major FO's!

I'm super excited about this week! It's actually going by really fast than I expected for Disney. I still need to finish some projects, and to finish packing. I'm in the mood to finish some projects before I leave for Disney, that way I can actually start something very new when I return (July 3rd.)

Since I have finishitis I have almost finished:

1.) A baby's summertime sweater. (I might change the name, and I just got a couple of ends to weave in!)

2.) Christmas knitting (almost done, just got to decrease!)

3.) Maybe a pair of socks, that's the next thing up to finish. But I may take this to Disney with me and on the plane.

What are your FO's?
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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