Friday, June 10, 2011

Monkey Socks Update!

The first sock is ALMOST done, just defiantly got to finish the toe decrease and I'm a little procrastinating. Maybe it's because I've been focusing on it all day yesterday (finished the six repeats, turning the heel, the heel flap, and the gusset all in one day! Of course this was up to about 10pm last night..and I don't usually stay up that late!) I think I have five more toe decreases to do before I finish the entire sock. It is important to me since the Monkey socks by Cookie A are a popular and challenging pattern and I'm excited that I'm almost done with the first sock. In high hopes I want to cast on and finish the second sock (plus finishing the pair..) this week. Maybe do a repeat a day or something this week since I'll be busy with family. (We'll see..) I hope to finish the toe decrease tonight or tomorrow.

Happy Knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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