Thursday, June 9, 2011

TURNING HEEL| I haven't blogged today!

Wow I haven't blogged today, the title is right! (ha). It defiantly stormed today too (happy dance, I love a good storm as long as it doesn't bring tornadoes! We do get tornadoes around here.) It's a little rainy now, but I never saw the sky got so dark so quickly-it scared me! I thought we were under a weather watch but we weren't thankfully. Anyways, how about to the knitting?

Remember the Startis Monkey Socks? Yes, I'm still working on them! I'm glad I didn't rip it out, I had a feeling I would LOVE the pattern-it's beautiful! It looks a little big to me, but I'm not working with pattern socks like this. I am still a little nervous about the Cookie A patterns (didn't think they'd be difficult-but I was wrong haha-but it's still good!) The heel flap is great and not complicated-and I'm even thinking about turning the heel on the first sock. (Didn't think I would get to this point in the sock!) I finished the six repeats in the pattern it calls for, and I'm nearly done with the heel flap! Yes! Photos will be coming soon (I've taken photos of the progress.) And defiantly finished photos will be up after both socks are done.

-This weekend I'm hoping to finish the first sock, and maybe start the second sock.
-Tomorrow most likely I'll begin the gusset if I'm in the mood for it, and probably the gusset decrease.
-I know I probably won't get both pair done but there's a good chance this weekend, however I'm planning on finishing the pair this week.

I think once a week-I'll complete or either start a pair of socks, just to have an FO. This will be great for finishing up Christmas gifts!!

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs
PS: Can you tell I love socks?! : )

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