Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Focused Part Two

In Focused blog entry #1 (this is obviously part two) I've been focused to get a pair of socks completed and I did! I love being focused when it comes to just one project. However-I have more than one project on the needles, and before I start anything new-I really need to get one off the needles. I guess you can say I have finishitis, and yesterday I had startis with a pair of new socks I casted on (My Startis Monkey Socks). I tried to focus on that today to get it to a place to do the heel flap and maybe even put in the heel. However, I didn't want to get tired and frustrated with the lace pattern (since it is a challenge than I thought it would be) but I decided to focus on the Carrot Top. I haven't worked on this since my mom's birthday last weekend. I got a huge chunk of it done today and just about to continue to work on it. (See focus! ha!) I'm guessing I'll have a focused series going on.

Here's the other projects I hope to finish: (Starting in the order.)
1.) Carrot Top
2.) My Diamond scarf (I didn't rip it, and glad I didn't just because of finishitis.. and the Knitgirlll's Stash Dash)
3.) My blanket (Okay, this one I'm not too picky unless I'm down to the wire of the ending stripes. I'll work on this every now and then. It's been a long time since I've worked on it actually.)
4.) A new pair of socks (hm.. these just got casted on yesterday, might save it for tomorrow or this weekend. These probably won't get done any time soon.)

How do you stay focused?

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