Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Startis Monkey Socks

So I started on another pair of socks.. because of startis for socks, I just put them down for a break and now I really want to pick them up again. I don't know, but I love socks-maybe I can just review them on my Facebook page as well under the section "notes". But Addi's Turbos (bronze) will be the first review. However with these socks-I'm trying out a new pattern- Monkey by Cookie A! This pattern is free, and I've always wanted to try to knit her patterns. Normally her patterns have charts and I don't have the skills to read charts yet and follow a key to match the symbols. However, this one comes in written instructions and I'm printed them out. And yes, they are for the Stash Dash as well as a Christmas present for someone. I wouldn't mark this blog post as a review quite yet since I'm trying out the pattern. Photos will come probably after I do the first repeat (it has 11 rounds total for a repeat.) But we'll see! I'm about to do a swatch photo. (I'm getting really good at taking swatch pictures- and pictures along the way of the process of knitting haha!)

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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