Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Knitgirlll's Stash Dash 2011

So as in many blog posts I've mentioned about Stash Dash and the yardages for every project I'm knitting on. What is the Stash Dash? Ask the Knitgirlll's! Haha-it's their Stash Dash 2011 this summer. I wasn't really planning on participating in it-but why not? I've been meaning to introduce the Stash Dash, but it's on their Rav's board in their Rav group. Go check it out for rules! Here are the button I've edited and can be found on my Raverly page. (I'm allowed to edit their button for it to personalize it... I think that's great!) Also I'm about to create a new page for it.

Some projects I'm currently working for the Stash Dash (You'll also find the tags on my project pages.)

1.) Carrot Top [A tank top I'm working on-it's bright orange!]
2.) Christmas Present socks (some range to about 275 yards and 375 or 300 yards depending on which pattern.) But socks are an excellent way to use up yardages.
3.) The Longest Long Term Blanket [My "cheating" blanket, haha not really cheating... but it'll probably add up to 2,000 yards once completed. It's not a baby blanket, it's a good size normal blanket.]
4.) Baby hats for HP OWls: I've already done two hats that'll count for the Stash Dash... okay one. One hat is still on the needles I gota finish. These make good traveling projects.
5.) DADA's Homework Scarf: Not sure if I'm going to finish it or frog it. It's a cute scarf, but a little on the boring side pattern. We'll see. It's taking awhile than I thought.

My inner thoughts: Five projects on the needles? Wow, hm... I'm really am aiming to bind stuff off before beginning anything else. Sigh.

~Happy Knittings~
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