Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy First Day of Summer!

Splashing into Summer!

Welcome Summer 2011!!! Woot! I'm so excited and ecstatic I will be leaving for Disney this Sunday! I didn't realize this is actually the first day of summer until several posts from my friends' facebook statuses! Haha! I'm thinking about posting something Harry Potter related each day, like the theme song and such-like a mini countdown. I also may be posting a lot less next week-of course Disney!

Here's what I'm going to have as FO's this week:
1.) The baby sweater (I'm working on the second sleeve, finished the right side, now just got to finish the left yay!)
2.) Maybe Nannie's Rainy Day Socks. (maybe.)

1.) The same old blanket.... The Longest Long term blanket. I knit on it every now and then.
2.) I'm going to frog half of my sweater that I messed up on, The Carrot Top. So I can bring it to Disney.
3.) My "Mystery" shawl.. it's not really a mystery, but more of a secret gift for somebody for Christmas. It is a shawl though, and on my Raverly project page. It's the first project.

That's basically all I can think of now.
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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