Friday, June 3, 2011

Longest Long Term Blanket

So I was in deep thought knitting my "Olive Garden Blanket." This blanket has been named three times now, and the last name I just came up with is sticking... which is "Longest Long Term Blanket." It describes knitting, related to knitting, no it doesn't relate to the colorways I've chosen for the blanket. I'm nearly ALMOST done, about to add the ninth purple stripe to the blanket. As I was in deep thought while knitting this... here are some other thought quotations, progressing pictures, and edited fun pictures for Raverly.

My LATEST thoughts:
"This is taking forever!"
"About to add the ninth stripe!"
"This is my longest long term project... hm that's the perfect name!"
"I'm loving this pattern!" (After not knitting on the blanket for awhile.)
"This blanket has become my best friend!" (Seriously it really has.)

As I glanced earlier at my beginning dates of this blanket-I began working on it April 17th, 2011. It's almost been two months working on my blanket. Longest Long term blanket right? Haha.

Enjoy the photos!
Happy Knittings~~
Anna Elizabeth Designs

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