Thursday, June 2, 2011

They're Done!!

What's done? Why am I moving my green status bar of my projects to 100% on my Raverly notebook project page? Yes! My New England Spring socks are binded off, weaved in ends, and did a little photoshopping for the presentation photos. They're done! Of course I'm excited since now I actually get to finish the very first Christmas gift I've started. I'll get to that sometimes next week, or on Sunday. (I don't want to get burned out on socks too fast, when my Christmas list has nearly depending ten people on it.) Don't get me wrong-I love knitting socks, I liked knitting this pair. However, it was a basic lime green... reminding me of a New England's Spring season. We have those rainy, cold spring seasons and sometimes gray days. That's why I decided to go with green since it's bright and cheerful. These socks are for someone in the family, and they already know who they are but then again I'm not going to put any name down just for the fun of it! So are you ready for the big reveal? I think you are!
On a side note-I really wanted to get these done for the knitgirlll's stash dash 2011. This will add 275 yards. I think each week... I'll post the yardages and such I have thus far.

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