Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Weekly Review #1 | Baby Hats!

Sorry weekly reviews are a bit late to start! Let's make them on Mondays right? Any who, here's a simple review this week: BABY HATS! As you know I'm participating in Harry potter's Knitting & Crocheting House Cup on Raverly. My OWl examine consists of creating 25 baby hats by August, sounds a lot right? I already have about eleven done (need to finish one to count it but I probably will at the last minute, haha.) I love baby hats they're so quick and easy, and fast. I started one last night, and just finished it. I would've finished it last night but it was getting pretty late for me. But here's the baby hat with ribbing named, "Cute baby Ribbing Hat." I'm also posting this for the Stash Dash, hey it's more yardage! More like 40 yardage.. haha.

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