Saturday, June 11, 2011

What's on my needles | I LOVE RAIN!

Yes, I love rain and a good rainy Saturday like today! Hmm maybe a couple of storms I hope? Not sure about that one. It's been a good knitting morning so far, I'm almost done working on my boyfriend's Christmas gift for this year. (Six more months til Christmas wow!)

Here's what I'm CURRENTLY working on-only two projects.
1.) A log cabin washcloth (Well two or four log cabin washcloths, depending how much I can get done by Father's Day which is tomorrow I think..)
2.) My boyfriend's Christmas gift. (I'm almost done, about to do another inch it's at six inches, but I think it might need one more. Then I'll start decreasing and I'll be done! I'll defiantly get the gift done today yahoo!)

Those are the only two projects I'm currently working on today. Might cast on another pair of socks using my favorite and signature pattern for socks, Classic Sock pattern. (I love it!!) This will defiantly be my purse and take-everywhere knitting! I'm using my Knitpicks yarn I got a few weeks ago for this. I really wish my needles would come in! They might come in on Monday.

Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs
PS: The Monkey socks? Yeah, that's a no go. I didn't like the pattern the first place, not sure why. I should've frogged then and saved the amount of time knitting, but you know that gut feeling you're starting out right, and in hopes it'll turn out right? Yeah... that's what happened.

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