Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Facebook Notes: Weekly Knitting Reviews

So I've been considering a lot lately to do Facebook Weekly knitting reviews. The list is below of what I desire to review. I'll probably plan on Tuesdays or Mondays, I feel like today is Monday.. haha. But I will also be posting the reviews on blogger-maybe create a page but we'll see. I want to save pages (blogger only allows 10 pages, and I already have quite a few pages.) These reviews will take place on Fridays. Maybe I'll plan the reviews on Thursday, write up a draft-and then type them up on Fridays and publish on Facebook. Here's the thing-this is going to be a legit review. It'll probably have photos, maybe even an album on it's own. I might even put in links or a video on techniques I learn during the week (like cabling.) I will either introduce the reviews on Wednesday.

Here's what I desire to review:

1.) Addi's Turbos Circs (the first review that will be coming this Friday.)
2.) Knitting techniques-the latest one I've learned is cabling.
3.) Favorite stitches
4.) Knitting Podcasts

I hope to keep track of the reviews in a journal type documents as my drafts.
Happy Knitting!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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