Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Summer Knitting/Traveling Plans 2011

Good morning! I'm a little awake, slowly waking up-and good morning June 2011!! I am excited! Finally it's June which means Disney in 25 days! Yes! This blog post will be about what's-on-my-needles for this summer, as well as travel plans for the summer. And yes Harry Potter classes are now posted. (And it's about to storm!)

What's on My Needles:
1.) Olive Garden Blanket
My Goal: To finish this blanket... maybe by Disney or my birthday (What a great birthday present to myself it would be!)
2.) Panda Bear
My Goal: It's nearly done, just gota add the nose so she can smell, finish the eyes so she can see, and add the ears so she could hear. Goal complete by: the end of June or defiantly by Disney.
3.) Father's Day Gift (Goal for this month, and done by June 12th. I started yesterday.)
4.) Harry Potter's CHARMS scarf done maybe this week. (I'm excited for this ha.)
5.) Harry Potter's OWl exam.. I have ten hats so far.
6.) Knitgirlll's Stash Dash: All my projects are above are qualified for the knitgirlll's stash dash 2011, just got to add up the yardage and get up to 5,000 yardage as to the 5k.

June 2011:
Disney on June 26-July 3rd! And we're going to Hogwarts! That's why I'm doing the HP knit-a-long.

July 2011:
I might be going to North Carolina to visit my boyfriend for our birthdays. (Our birthdays are right next to each other, mine's the 19th and his the 20th... funny right? Hehe.)

Happy knittings!
~Anna Elizabeth Designs

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